Chase Bliss Tonal Recall

One of the most heralded pedals of 2016, the Chase Bliss Tonal Recall is truly a revelation in the world of delay pedals. With an unprecedented amount of control, and an impeccable tonal range, this pedal can fulfill all of your wildest delay fantasies. This pedal is the truest expression of the Chase Bliss motto: Digital Brain. Analog Heart.

External Control: MIDI/EXP/TAP
Cost: $$$


HornFX Review

Interface:  3/5
This pedal has a host of dip switches that can change functionality of the pedal and of its knobs. It can be a confusing pedal to become familiar with (as indicated by the manufacturer), but its huge spectrum of options can be more easily tamed with MIDI and external control.

Versatility: 4.5/5
This pedal has a huge array of beautiful and unique sounds, all with interestingly manipulable parameters. It has 6 tap subdivision options and many potential presets with MIDI. Although there is not a varying selection of delay “types” you can draw from an immensely variable palette of sounds with this pedal.

Tonal Reproduction: 5/5
This pedal simply sounds incredible. It is warm, sweet, and keeps your tone true and resonant.

Complexity: High

Complexity: High

Live application: 4/5
There are many parameters that can be hard to edit on the fly, but the two presets in the pedal, plus the many more available with MIDI, can make up for that. This pedal has such beautiful sounds that it would be a huge benefit to any board.

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Product Information

  • 100% analog signal path, full digital control of parameters. No digital conversion or processing.

  • 2 onboard save-able presets + live mode for 3 distinct settings (expandable to 122 with a midi controller).

  • Tap Tempo / Hold for setting delay time via tap. Holding the switch gives runaway oscillation. 6 delay subdivisions including dotted eighth note.

  • True bypass or buffered bypass with trails.

  • 2 Xvive MN3005 delay chips.

  • S stands for “short” (1 MN3005, 20ms to 275ms delay), L stands for “long” (2 MN3005, 40ms to 550ms delay ), and B stands for “both” which creates more of a blurry, reverb-like wash.

  • Circuit is tuned for 550ms max delay time (longer delays are possible via trimmer adjustment, but compromises tap tempo accuracy and optimal clock filtering).

  • Sine, triangle, and square wave modulation with independent rate and depth controls. At max depth, madness ensues.

  • Full midi implementation to control presets and parameters.

  • Expression / CV control over any parameter individually or simultaneously.

  • Ramping over any parameter individually or simultaneously.

  • Tone control for full range of clear or dark repeats.

  • Mix Control goes 100% dry to 100% wet. On "short" delay setting, pedal can be used as a vibrato or chorus.

  • Internal trimmer for max regeneration. Pedal ships with self-oscillation abilities, with the potential to get wilder.

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