Cusack Reverb

Cusack Reverb


Cusack is not known for being conventional. With this pedal, they seem to head a little more in that direction. This bare bones, simple reverb is not meant to dazzle or to surprise. Rather, it is meant to simplify the reverb pedal. If you are the type of player that just wants to find a nice reverb setting, leave it and never think about it again, this might a great pedal for you. Do be wary of the price though. That is a fair bit of cash for such a simple machine. Do not look to this stompbox for intrigue or manipulability. You will not find that here.

External Control: None

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HornFX Review

InterfaceVersatilityQuality of EffectLive ApplicationTotal Score
Complexity: Simple

Complexity: Simple

Interface:  2.5/5
Although this pedal is simple to use and easily laid out, there seems to be a control option or two that should be there, but are not. This makes the pedal seem incomplete. The knobs themselves feel cheaply made and lack sturdiness.

Versatility: 1/5
You can change the size of the room that the pedal simulates and manipulate the reverberated tone. However, the lack of distinct reverb sounds and the inability to choose how long the reverb rings, makes this pedal less versatile that one could hope for.

Quality of Effect: 4/5
With all of its limitations, this pedal actually does sound great. The reverb sounds warm and full. However this may not be enough positivity to combat its other limitations.

Live application: 2/5
This pedal sounds wonderful. However, its lack of variability and control options might cause some pause when thinking of using this pedal.

-Separate controls for Dry and Wet Signal
-Size (simulates room size)

-Texture (A tone control that simulates wall texture)

Note: due to the current draw of the Cusack Reverb SME (~60mA), we do not recommend powering it with a battery. They are no longer shipped with batteries nor battery snaps. If you would like a battery snap, please ask for it in the notes section when checking out. We will include one in the box.

Product info from the Cusack website.