TC Electronic Flashback Mini

TC Electronic Flashback Mini


If you are a fan of how little room the Flashback takes up on your board, then you will fall in love with this pedal. Although this pedal seems simple on the outside, you will be delighted to learn that it is just as versatile as its bigger brother, the Flashback. If you are comfortable with TC’s external control technology, TonePrint, the this pedal can take you anywhere you want to go.

External Control: APP/TPRINT
Cost: $

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HornFX Review

InterfaceVersatilityTonal ReproductionLive ApplicationTotal Score
Complexity: Simple

Complexity: Simple

Interface:  4.5/5
Do not let this simple face fool you. That mask is covering a wonderful piece of technology. With TonePrint, you can not only access a looper and 10 delay types, but you can add a multitude of effects, reassign any knob to any parameter, and load presets.

Versatility: 2.5/5
Although this is a super versatile little box, its full capabilities are only opened up to you with TonePrint. If you do not use that technology, then this pedal would have a versatility score of 1.

Tonal Reproduction: 4/5
Very good sound quality. TC is heralded for their high quality delays and reverbs and this pedal follows in that legacy.

Live application: 4/5
Wonderful pedal to add to your board. Whether you choose to use all of its cool technology or not, you will be happy with the performance of this pedal. The audio tap feature is quite nice.

  • Dimensions: (W x D x H) 48 x 48 x 93 mm (1.9 x 1.9 x 3.7")
  • Input Connector Type: Standard 1/4" jack - mono/TS
  • Output Connector Type: Standard 1/4" jack - mono/TS
  • Power Input: Standard 9 V DC, center negative (not supplied)
  • USB Connector Type: Mini-B USB
  • Mono delay effect pedal
  • Feedback, delay, and FX level controls
  • One 1/4" input
  • One 1/4" output
  • Mini USB connectivity
  • Maximum delay time of seven seconds
  • Powered via external power supply -- sold separately
  • Compact pedalboard friendly size
  • True bypass circuitry
  • Use TonePrint to access many different artists' settings
  • TonePrint Editor allows you to create your own custom delay sounds

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