JHS Pink Panther/Lucky Cat

In a world filled with outrageously overpowered and complicated delay pedals, it is easy to get spoiled by modern conveniences such as multiple delay engines and tap tempos. But what about the players that want a small footprint and simplicity, but also want to take advantages of a modern set of controls? The answer is the Pink Panther, recently rebranded the Lucky Cat Delay. This excellent delay machine is one of the best marriages of the simplistic world, and the modern trend of extreme variability and control. In a standard sized pedal housing you get two delay engines, each with 3 possible variations, the standard delay controls (mix, time, repeats), an onboard tap tempo, and a subdivisions knob to go with it. This pedal, although digital, feels analog. Its tonal capabilities are varied, and its modulation effects are lush and musical. If you are looking for an older style delay that will save you space but give you modern conveniences, the this is precisely the pedal you need.

External Control: TAP
Cost: $$

HornFX Review

Interface:  4/5
This pedal is truly simple to use. Each knob is very clearly labeled, and their functions are basic and easy to understand. Our absolute favorite feature is the tap tempo. To have the ability to easily match tempo is so important in many contexts, and to do it with such a small pedal is a wonderful bonus. There is one negative tempo issue to bring up. If you flip the modulation switch, the delay tempo will revert to the setting selected on the Time knob, not the tempo set by the tap. Luckily, when you do flip that switch the two modulation settings sound great. We truly appreciate that you can easily vary the delay sounds just by flicking a switch, and not having to mess around with a load of knobs to really dial it in. The only real challenge you will face with this pedal is the switch that changes the delay engine from digital to tape. The switch is located on the side, and can be challenging to find and flip, especially on a crowded pedal board.

Versatility: 2.5/5
Although this is a simple pedal, it has more sonic diversity than meets the eye. It contains two delay engines (digital and tape), each with two modulation effect options and an unaffected one. These 6 settings might not approach the sheer volume of other pedals' potential sounds, but each of the sounds in the Pink Panther/Lucky Cat are incredibly usable. In addition, the Dark knob provides a wide range of tonal options within each setting. The lack of presets is limiting, but its area of excellence more than make up for its shortcomings. 

Quality of effect: 4.5/5
This pedal simply sounds great. Both modulation effects sounds lush and warm, regardless of the delay engine being used. Its wide sweeping tonal control can take you from a dark and murky delay to a crystal clear reproduction of your sound. We truly love the analog feel of this digital pedal.

Complexity: Medium

Complexity: Medium

Live application: 4/5
This is among the most usable delay pedals of its size. In the current world of restrictive space on planes, and the expense of travel, it is increasingly important to factor size into your pedal board construction. Usually, decreasing the size of a pedal will limit your tonal and control options. The Pink Panther/Lucky Cat handles this common problem exceptionally. This pedal really is the perfect marriage of ease of use in a live scenario, and space saving consideration. With its beautiful sounds, ease of control, and badass pink or black finish, you will be hard pressed to find a better delay pedal with a similar footprint.

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The following clips showcase the varied sounds the Pink Panther/Lucky Cat is capable of producing. We made an effort to encompass a wide range of settings to show its applicability in various contexts. In all examples, it is definitely worth focusing on the quality and lushness of the tone produced by the pedal. This thing sounds great.

Trumpet 2

Trumpet 2

Trumpet examples 1 and 2 showcase two distinct approaches to using this delay. In the trumpet 1 example, the delay is used as a rhythmic and melodic device, creating harmonies, and rhythmic interplay. This is a great example of how useful the tap tempo can be when in need of matching tempo to the rest of the band. The trumpet 2 example is almost opposite of trumpet one. In this example, the delay is more of an environmental effect, giving the sound space and personality. The difference between these two examples clearly shows of the versatility of this pedal.

Trumpet 4

Trumpet 4

Both trombone examples are beautifully showcasing the tonal capabilities of the Pink Panther/Lucky Cat. Pay close attention to the warmth and lushness the echoed notes.

Trombone 2

Trombone 2

The saxophone examples are cover a lot of bases. The most notable is example two, where we take idea of lush melodic delays completely out of the pictures. This example is meant to showcase the gnarly sounds that can be created by manipulation the Time knob while playing. Of course, it is our duty do have an example of the Pink Panther theme running through this pedal. 

Other User Reviews

Joby, Trumpet - "I researched delay pedals for a month before I settled on the Pink Panther. I also tried the faux delay pedal by Wampler and the BOSS DD20 before deciding. I use it for every live gig I bring pedals to as well as in my home studio. I like that while the pedal is simple to operate, it has a built in and easily access-able tap tempo function as well as a myriad of delay options in such a small package. The beautiful design and glittery look helps too :). I have been using the Pink Panther with an octavider, envelope filter, and distortion (all Mu-FX pedals). Delay and trumpet pair fantastically well!"

Product Information

- 1000ms of classic digital delay.
- On board tap-tempo with ratio subdivision control.
- Two modulation settings.
- EQ control for the repeats.
- Tape/Digital modes.
- External tap jack.
- Diamond eyes.

If you’re wanting crystal clear digital delay that sparkles with features, the Pink Panther will satisfy your craving. Diamonds are forever.
This pedal requires standard 9V DC Negative power, consumes 100mA, and measures 2.6"x4.8"x1.6"

Product info from the JHS website