Morley Maverick Mini Wah

Adding to their unreasonably large stable of wah pedals, Morley have created a wah that is about as simple as it gets. Be careful not to put this near the powersource on your board, or there will be sonic interference that is rather unpleasant.

External Control: None
Cost: $

HornFX Review

Interface:  5/5
This is as simple as a wah pedal could be. With its spring loaded, switchless design, all you have you do is manipulate the pedal. No need to turn it on or turn any knobs. Just plug it in and wah to your heart’s content.

Versatility: 1/5
Does one thing; albeit very well

Clarity of effect: 4.5/5
The Maverick Wah seeks to exaggerate the “sweet” spot of a typical wah pedal, and boy does it do that well! If you are looking for a very focused sweep that really allows your instrument to cut, this pedal is meant for you. This machine has a great sound!

Complexity: Simple

Complexity: Simple

Live application: 4.5/5
Incredibly simple to use. When the pedal is untouched, it is off. As soon as you flip the pedal forward at all, the light illuminates and the pedal is on. The only downside of this pedal is that some are not comfortable with the spring loaded wah’s. If you prefer the free-floating wah design that has no resistance in the pedal, you may want to look elsewhere.

InterfaceVersatilityClarity of EffectLive ApplicationTotal Score

Product Information

  • Switchless on/off - simply step on to engage and step off to bypass

  • Electro-optical wah control means no pots to wear out

  • Hybrid vintage/modern wah tone

  • LED on/off indicator

  • Road-worthy cold-rolled steel housing

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