Nicolo Scolieri

"I use a multi-effects hardware pedal almost exclusively. The reason behind this is two-fold. In regard to the hardware, I have trouble nearly daily with technology (my laptop, my phone) and I have always wanted my pedal experience to be free of that fear. When I was looking for flute effects (especially multi-effects), I remember seeing a lot of vocal boxes built like mini computers, with presets and settings... As for the multi-effect element, hardware pedals are expensive. I found that "delay" was one of the most diverse effects, and the hardware element allowed me to experiment by physically turning knobs, learning their function, instead of blinding pushing buttons. That said, I am a huge fan of presets; surely I can't be expected to switch between a beat-timed tap delay and a super-tight near-distortion without a clear stomp!
The Flashback X4 is, with these qualities in mind, an almost divine presence, with an omnipotent grace. It's many delays and the integrated looper function, it served all my purposes. Upon adding the Electro‑Harmonix octaver between mic and flashback, I also discovered that impedance had never been an issue with the Flashback; I now use an in-line transformer between my mic and the POG in order to clean up the sound. 
My philosophy is this: as long as I can intuit a pedal's use, and in turn, use it without complete focus, I'm happy. I love pedals that give the option to change the quality of sound, like delay modulations. I like strong and inexpensive metal boxes, but value high quality sound over anything else. I'm looking into a way to make my effects stereo, and plan to update Horn-FX when I make that shift (knowing that my ambient music will take a huge step forward when that time comes)! Onward!"


Nicolo is a flute player, an young ethnomusicologist, and a radio DJ. Though much of his musical background is in folk flute-playing techniques from the Mediterranean, more recent work dealing with temporal variety/alignment has fueled an interest in psychedelic and ambient music. Over the past three years, Nicolo has been using delay in rock groups like the Nick Valentini Collective, all the while experimenting with long-form delay and looping under the name San/Nicolò.

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