Source Audio Poly-Mod Filter

Source Audio makes some astounding machines. Their pedals are truly innovative and can sometimes even talk to each other. This is no exception. The Poly-Mod is far more than an envelope filter. This might be the most complex, completely manipulable and variable filter pedal on the planet. With so many capabilities, including an onboard graphic eq, we wouldn't be surprised if this pedal could drive your car.  This is not a pedal for the faint of heart. This machine is its own universe. There is so much that can be achieved sonically, but if you are not interested in spending a lot of time learning this pedal’s functionality and how to manipulate its settings, then this is not the pedal for you.

External Control: MIDI/EXP
Cost: $$

HornFX Review

Interface:  3.5/5
Unlike its brother, the Stingray, this pedal has many knobs that mostly have one function. This makes editing on the fly much easier. There are however, deeper controls, such as “q” and various eq bands that are all manipulated by one knob. This is a very complicated pedal.

Versatility: 5/5
Somehow, this has more options of waveforms, filter types, and expression pedal assignments than the Stingray. This pedal is a whole universe in a box.

Clarity of Effect: 5/5
The Poly-Mod allows you to choose, with ease,  how much of the effect you hear mixed with the dry signal. The effects themselves speak beautifully and are not lost or overpowered but the sound of the horn. Since any sonic parameter of each effect can be changed, you can achieve the exact sound you want to hear...with some work.

Complexity: High

Complexity: High

Live application: 4/5
The easier on-the-fly editing, and the expanded number of presets makes this pedal a great live pedal. Its complicated controls are a setback when wanting to experiment on stage. This pedals large footprint is a slight detriment.

InterfaceVersatilityClarity of EffectLive ApplicationTotal Score

Product Information

- 23 Filter Sounds including 2-Pole Low Pass, 4-Pole Low Pass, Single Peak, Triple Peak, Peak & Notch, and Phasers.
- Positive and Negative filter sweep with variable range and sensitivity.
- Wet/Dry Mix knob featuring our signature low-end preserving algorithm Lo-Retain™.
- 4 modulation sources including envelope, LFO, expression pedal and Hot Hand.
- Tap tempo speed control for LFO.
- State-of-the-art DSP—Our proprietary 56-bit Digitial Signal Processor, the SA601, and crystal clear 24-bit converters.
- 6 user presets—Easy to configure user presets in two banks selectable via 3 footswitches for quick access of your favorite sounds.
- 7-Band Equalizer—Ultra-precise 7-band equalizer for in-depth tone control saved per preset.
- Extended Control—An expression input allows for control of a wide variety of pedal parameters. A MIDI input also allows external access to presets and parameters.
- Motion Control—All Soundblox and Soundblox Pro pedals are “Hot Hand Ready®” and can be used with any Hot Hand motion sensor to extend the capabilities of the unit.
- Active Analog Bypass—Bypass is fully routed around the DSP and active input ensure zero signal degradation.
- 9V DC power supply included.
- Dimensions: 7 in./17.8 cm (length not including I/O jacks) x 6 in./15.25 cm (width) x 2 in./5 cm (height, including knobs).


Product info from the Source Audio website