Walrus Mayflower

While this pedal might be one of their most conventional ones, Walrus have still managed to put forth a wonderful product that stands out. The Mayflower is meant to be a midrange heavy pedal, but the classic midrange stuffiness is much less of an issue, especially with manipulation of the EQ settings. If you are the type of player that likes the four knob overdrive pedal layout and functionality, then this pedal is a great one to pick up.

External Control: None
Cost: $$

HornFX Review

Interface:  4/5
Comfort with the bass and treble knobs on this pedal is a must. They add so much to your tonal control and give you the ability to more easily manage feedback.

Versatility: 3/5
This pedal can have a little trouble with more subtle levels of drive, but in the medium to intense ranges, it performs beautifully.

Tonal Reproduction: 3.5/5
What its cousin, the Voyager, lacks in hardcore overdrive, it makes up for in tonal quality. This pedal has the reverse. It might have lost some tonal purity and clarity, but it can take you on a fun drive to metal town.

Complexity: Simple

Complexity: Simple

Live application: 3.5/5
The Mayflower is a great pedal for a more aggressive overdrive user. The middle of its gain range proves nice crunchy sounds that still retain your tonal structure, while the more heavy gain settings will really make your sound blast off and distort nicely.

InterfaceVersatilityTonal ReproductionLive ApplicationTotal Score

Product Information

9V DC 8.9mA – 4.77 x 2.9 x 2.3 inches
***The use of an isolated power supply is recommended for powering all Walrus Audio Pedals.  Daisy chain power supplies are not recommended.***

Product info from the Walrus website