Warren Walker

"My goal in mind is to try and emulate what some of the electronic producers are doing in the studio and recreate those things live, and use them in a creative and improvisational way. The most important thing for m is to use the effects in the most musical way possible."



"These are my main touring boards. The one on the right side goes on top of a keyboard stand so I can play the Organelle as well and manipulate the sounds coming out of the board on the floor with the Moog Ring Modulator."

Signal Chain: Board 2 (right)
Critter and Guitari Organelle
Earthquaker Devices Transmisser
Chase Bliss Audio Warped Vinyl mkII
Old Blood Noise Endeavors Mondegreen
EarthQuaker Devices Avalanche Run
Moog Moogerfooger RM-102 (Last pedal in the chain for the floor board)
The Organelle can also use all of the effects on the floor via the Mixing Link

Sinasoid and WestCoast Pedalboard Cables

Signal Chain: Board 1 (left)
Selmer Super Balanced Action Tenor Saxaphone
Eventide Mixing Link
Earthquaker Devices Fuzz Master General
Digitech Whammy II
Red Panda Context
Strymon DIG
Red Panda Raster
Line 6 DL4
Dwarfcraft Happiness
Moog Mooger Fooger RM-102

Saxophonist, composer, and producer Warren Walker earned a Bachelor of Music degree from the University of Nevada, Reno and currently tours internationally with his groups The Kandinsky Effect, oddAtlas. and //Onieronaut as well as the Daniel Hunter Quartet, Alex Stuart Quartet, and Dirty Elegance. The Kandinsky Effect has released 2 albums to international acclaim on Cuneiform Records.  Warren currently resides in Paris, France. He has performed with Cyrille-Aimée, Roberto Negro, Alex Stuart, Thomas Enhco, Todd Clouser's A Love Electric, and Federico Casagrande, among many others.

Press Quotes about The Kandinsky Effect:

"...a mind-bending, eclectic and challenging sonic stream that doesn’t contain even a shred of pretentiousness, but is full of creativity, individuality, expressivity and outside of the box thinking." - Igloo

"Come to this show blindfolded and you’ll have a hard time believing the music is being created by just three people." – Capital Bop

"The Kandinsky Effect is an accomplished band not because they implement electronics into jazz music, but rather for how they utilize electronic configurations to make their music radiate." – Audiophile Audition

"...five solid years of recording and touring have fine-tuned their approach, stretching out beyond the confines of jazz into many directions, with electronics, funk grooves, bop, touches of punk, progressive rock, ambient, and much more....not content to just re-tread what’s been done before them, but determined to break new ground at every turn, all the while keeping their sound completely listenable and satisfying." – Exposé

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