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HornFX is a unique resource for the horn player looking to use effects. Our reviews, rankings, articles, artist pages, and effects databases are specifically geared to inform any horn player about what effect might best provide the sounds and capabilities they are looking for. Any one pedal can perform differently and have different applications from a saxophone, trumpet, or trombone perspective, and it is our goal to give the most comprehensive, complete, well thought out information and advice to the pedal seeking horn player.

Talk to any guitarist or bassist for two minutes about their pedals and you will quickly realize that the world of effects is one of never-ending experimentation and opportunity.  But the more you learn, you will begin to realize that in spite of your friends’ wealth of knowledge, much of what he or she knows may not apply to you as a horn player for a variety of reasons. The number of professional horn players utilizing some sort of effects pedal setup is steadily growing, but it is still a vastly unexplored frontier.  This makes the horn effects world an exciting but difficult one to navigate for those of us interested in maximizing our live performance potential.

Photo Credit: Dwele

The pedal world is a never-ending and beautifully diverse one, and we hope HornFX helps you in some way to navigate and become familiar with this world.  Remember to always keep an open mind and don’t hesitate to keep some notes on similar pedals, noting what you like and dislike about each, favorite settings, patches, and anything else you might think valuable to remember.  Good luck and enjoy the journey!

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