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The first entry in the HornFX Encyclopedia. This is a comprehensive, detailed, and interactive guide to help answer the most important question facing our community: How do you get from your microphone to your pedals?!

Price: $50 for digital download

Horn-FX T-Shirt

Join the HornFX family today by purchasing one of our HornFX T-shirts. Shirts range in size from S to XXL.

Price: $25 plus Shipping/Handling

Barefoot Buttons

HornFX has teamed up with Barefoot Buttons to create the limited edition HornFX Barefoot buttons. From the Barefoot Button page, “Born from a common problem, we created this easy to install customization for all musicians that use pedals, from guitarist, bassist, keyboardists, dj’s and so on. This inexpensive accessory will fit on most major switches and triggers for effects pedals that musicians use, increasing comfort and accuracy.”

Price: $10 for regular, HornFX-inscribed button, any color
($15 for tall buttons)

Custom Board Design

custom boards.jpg

Our custom boards are one of a kind. We talk in depth with our customers about what exactly they are looking for and can afford and build the best possible board for their needs.