Electro-Harmonix Micro POG

For years the MicroPog has been a favorite among those who prefer a more simple version of the POG2. Now, for those of us who have little less space on their board, there is an even better option. Both of these pedal function the same way. Their only difference is their size. The NanoPog takes the Micro and shrinks it even further without changing its functionality. For simple octave generation with no frills, these are fantastic pedals.

External Control: None
Cost: $$


HornFX Review

Interface:  4/5
This is nearly a perfect interface for the pedal’s function. Incredibly simple and intuitive. There is no need to read this manual.

Versatility: 1.5/5
Sadly, this pedal only functions well when adding octaves to your dry signal. The ability to individually change the volume of each octave is very useful, but you will not great a great sound with the high or low voices by themselves.

Tonal reproduction: 3/5
The Pogs create great octave below and above effects when using significant amounts of dry signal. Lower and upper octaves do not sound good by themselves. The tone of the high and low octaves are undeniably warm, but if you are looking to sound like a lower or higher register instrument in the same family, then you should look elsewhere.

Tracking speed: 4/5
The tracking speed is well above average, but not perfect.

Complexity: Simple

Complexity: Simple

Live application: 2.5/5
If you want to sound like a bigger horn section, playing unison octaves, this pedal will achieve that end well. One benefit of its almost singular application is that it makes the lack of presets and external controls mean nothing.

InterfaceVersatilityTonal ReproductionTracking SpeedLive ApplicationTotal Score

Product Information

- Super, space saving design
- Tracks chords, sweeps or single notes with no hitches or glitches
- Adjustable original pitch volume, one octave up volume and one octave down volume
- Dry output jack in addition to the effect output jack
- Silent footswitching and road worthy die-cast package
- EHX 9.6DC-200 power supply included

All product info from the EHX website