HornFX at NAMM 2017

     We had such an incredible time at NAMM this year spreading the good news about HornFX to the community and to the pedal companies. We spoke with over 30 different pedal companies this year and are happy to report that in the coming months, we will be reviewing HUNDREDS of new pedals, adding more content to our existing reviews, and adding tons of new HornFX artists. Here's an interview we did through Denis Wick London and the Jam of the Week podcast about the site:

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Welcome to HornFX!

     Horn-FX.com is designed to be a database and intellectual breeding ground for ALL wind instrumentalists who have an interest in using effects pedals when they perform or in the studio.  As of its launch, we have well over a hundred pedals reviewed on the site, and we will continue to grow and refine our pedal review pages to make them as useful as possible. Since this is the only website of its kind (that we know about), we would love your feedback!. Below you will see a link to a HornFX survey. We want to make sure this website contains all the information you could ever want, and so we need to know what YOU want to know! 

     After you fill out the survey, please peruse our reviews and review some pedals you've used and loved! Each pedal will have a HornFX review followed by any reviews from Horn-FX.com users.  HornFX review pages are intended to be internet forums for each specific pedal, so your reviews are intended to have equal value to our own! Click on the REVIEW A PEDAL tag at the top of the page, then click on the type of pedal you wish to review.  You can also review the pedal on by pressing the "Review..." button under the HornFX review. Thank you so much for contributing to what will hopefully become one of the most valuable resources for aspiring horn players and wind instrumentalists on the internet today!

Aaron Janik