Jam Pedals Ripply Fall

With one of their most unique and popular pedals, Jam Pedals brings us the Ripply Fall. The Ripply Fall is a combination of JAM’s two most solid pedals, the WaterFall (a chorus/vibrato) and the Ripple (a simple phaser). This gorgeous modulation machine packs a lot of sonic capabilities into a small and stunning package. Not only does this chorus/vibrato/phase pedal have a lot to offer in terms of individual effects, but its ability to stack phase with another modualted sound sets it apart. From subtle phase or chorus, to Leslie-like modulation, to absolutely crazy sounds, this is a surprisingly diverse pedal that can give you many usable and interesting sonic avenues to explore.

External Control: Dual EXP
Cost: $$$

HornFX Review

Interface:  4/5
The interface, once you read the manual, is actually quite simple. The left side of the pedal is essentially a one knob phaser (always a plus in our book). The right side has two knobs, two switches and two foot switches, all of which are intuitive and simple to use. We love the bright colors of the pedal and its knobs, not only because it looks cool, but because it is easier to see on a dark stage. For a pedal that can accomplish so much sonically, the controls are surprisingly simplistic and intuitive.

Versatility: 4/5
This pedal is excellent at both subtle and outlandish modulation effects. You can choose to have just the phaser, just the chorus, or just the vibrato active. But stacking the vibrato with the phaser or the chorus with the phaser is easy as well. One of the most compelling features is the middle footswitch. This switch multiplies the speed of the chorus or vibrato, giving you a completely different, and potentially striking sound. It is almost like having a second preset on the pedal for when you want to go a little more insane. The ability to not only switch between the chorus and vibrato effects, but to switch the intensity of either further enhances the ways this pedal can make different sounds.

Clarity of Effect: 3.5/5
There are two sides to this story. On one hand, the vibrato and chorus speak incredibly clearly, and can be dialed in to have either a more subtle or aggressive level of saturation and intensity. This half of the pedal can truly drastically change your sound into some wild colors. On the other side, the phaser is less powerful. On saxophone especially, the phaser is subtle, no at all in your face. For those looking to slightly tweak their sound and not completely change it, this half of the pedal is excellent. However, if you want a phaser that is loud and proud, and unmistakable, this may not be the phsser your are looking for.

Complexity: Medium

Complexity: Medium

Live application: 2.5/5
This pedal has wonderful potential for live use. If you play music that calls for wacky modulated sounds, atonal craziness, or lots of sparkly and electric chorus, this is a great pedal for you. The addition of the phaser can certainly enhance those qualities. However, if you want something to add depth and character in a conventional pop/rock/R&B setting, this pedal may be too much. That is not to say that the chorus or phaser is not useful in a conventional setting. It certainly is. However the majority of this pedal’s sounds fall on the more intense side of the sonic spectrum, and may be much more than you need in that setting. While it is quite easy to use on stage, it can be overwhelming (which can be very useful in certain contexts). The quality of live application for this pedal is heavily dependent on the context. If you want to get yourself a magnificent chorus pedal, this would be a great one, although its price point is quite high. The vibrato is less useful to horn players in general, and can sound quite unnatural and strange in the context of a wind instrument. The phaser may be too weak to use by itself. But, if you want to combine these effects and go crazy, or have a truly unique set of sounds that can throw you into a wild vortex of modulation, this is a great pedal for your live performance.

InterfaceVersatilityClarity of EffectLive ApplicationTotal Score

Audio Recordings

In recording one, we here a tenor sax’s dry first. A pleasant chorus gets switched on halfway through.

The second example shows a nice chorus, then halfway through, the “Speed” switch gets pushed. This showcases both the Ripply Fall’s leslie type sound and the ease with which you can switch to that sound from a simple chorus.

In this clip, we hear the Ripply Fall’s phaser.

The fourth clip showcases the chorus and phaser being used at the same time in the upper register of the horn, the fifth clip shows the same in the lower register.

The final clip showcases how absolutely bonkers this pedal can get. This sound is WACKY!


Product Information

  • 1. True Bypass

  • 2. Works with 9V DC adaptor (tip-negative)

  • 3. Power consumption: 26 mA

  • 4. Dimensions (jacks, pots etc. included): 13 x 10 x 5.1 cm / 5.1 x 3.9 x 2 inches

  • 5. Weight: 430g / 0.95 lbs.


Product info from the JAM Pedals website