JHS Spring Tank

While there is no shortage of reverb pedals avaiable on the market, many companies seem to find a way to bring their own unique take on such a common and universal effect. JHS is no exception. The Spring Tank reverb is a spring reverb modelling pedal with exceptional control and a unique twist that brings true utility to this pedal. With simple yet potent controls, and a special feature that is incredibly useful, this is a quality reverb pedal for those looking to save space but not skimp on quality and usability.

External Control: None
Cost: $

HornFX Review

Interface:  3.5/5
For a reverb pedal of its size, the spring tank has quite a lot of knobs. Even with its closely set 6 knobs, this is a rather simple pedal to understand. The close proximity of the knobs can be somewhat of an issue, as it is easy to unintentionally move a knob next to the one you are turning. Each knob' is clearly labeled and functions just as one would hope. The length and depth knobs control each of those parameters with ease, and respond with potent simplicity. The boost is a convenient feature if more volume is needed, and the highs knob has a extreme musical EQ sweep, allowing you to adjust the reverberations’ tone. This pedal’s special feature lies in the two tank knobs that control the mix of the reverb. Tank 1 controls the mix of the pedal at its normal settings. But when you engage the Tank 2 switch, the red Tank 2 knob becomes the knob controlling the reverb mix. This simplistic system allows you to have what could be thought of as two presets for your mix knob. This will allow you to switch from more to less reverb or from less to more instantly.

Versatility: 2.5/5
This is not a particularly versatile pedal on the surface. However, it can be much more than it initially seems. Although it only has one type of reverb, the Highs knob can make radical shifts to the sound of the reverberations. The depth knob can have an especially strong effect on the sound and color of the pedal. The Tank 2 functionality also allows for further versatility.

Quality of Effect: 3/5
Spring reverb are difficult. Many spring specific reverb pedals are made, all with a different sound. When replicating a spring reverb, one tries to recreate the warm, asymmetrical pulsating caused by the movement of they springs in a true spring reverb. While JHS has made a warm and quite pretty sounding pedal, the oscillations that characterize the srping are almost too rhythmic and predictable. At certain settings, these oscillations can be too up front and may not be part of the sound you are looking for. That being said, when dialed in well, this pedal does sound great and can add a lot to your sound.

Complexity: Medium

Complexity: Medium

Live application: 4/5
For live use, this is a truly well though out and built pedal. It has a considerable amount of functionality for its size. The addition of the second tank makes this a double useful pedal, giving you two different reverb settings that can be simply and quickly switched between. For those that always have reverb on, to create a bit of life and context to their sound, the Spring Tank can be a great way to go. Not only does it give you a solid reverb sound in a small package, it allows you to have a second reverb option without sacrificing on weigh, size, usability, or convenience.

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Product Information

A tank full of options

The Spring Tank puts in all the tools you need to create killer spring reverb with controls for Depth, Length, Highs, Boost, and Tank 1 and Tank 2. Depth allows you to shape the size of the room, while Length lets you lengthen or shorten the time the reverb actually reverberates. Highs gives you highpass filter control that lets you darken or brighten your overall reverb effect. Tank 1 and Tank 2 controls put two independent reverb mixes at your fingertips for even more effects options. And the Boost control speaks for itself: volume!

Effects loop at your control

The Spring Tank also has an effects loop that lets you put any effect on the reverb tails that suits your vision. Create really cool soundscapes with different effects by plugging a TRS splitter cable into the effects loop jack and insert any pedal into the loop that you desire. An internal switch also lets you have the effects loop on only when Tank 2 is engaged, or you can have it on all the time — it's all up to you.

JHS Spring Tank Reverb Pedal Features:

  • Highs, Depth, Length, and Boost knobs provide you with tons of tweakability

  • Tank 1 and Tank 2 provide independent reverb mixes for effects options

  • Simple, cool faceplate design makes switching controls easy

  • Internal switch allows for maintaining effects loop when desired

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