Strymon OB.1

Strymon has added to their wonderful stable of pedals by creating a well appointed and highly functional compressor. It is essentially two pedals in one: A two knob compressor with tone shaping options, and a clean boost. This marriage of two ideas in one results in a pedal any horn player would be happy to use.

External Control: None
Cost: $$


HornFX Review

Interface:  3.5/5
The controls are simple to understand. This might be a bit more complicated than many other compression pedals, but the tone shaping capabilities more than make up for that. Although you may enjoy what the eq switch can do for you on the surface, you might enjoy what the internal dip switches do even more. The only problem with those switches is that you must open up the pedal itself to use them.

Noise: 4/5
This is a very quiet pedal.

Complexity: Medium

Complexity: Medium

Live application: 4/5
No only will this pedal manage and potentially shape your sound well, but its clean boost option can give you what can sometimes be a much need bump when the sound guy asks for more signal or in soloing situations.

InterfaceNoiseLive ApplicationTotal Score

Product Information

  • True Bypass (electromechanical relay switching)

  • Greater than 20dB of gain compensated compression

  • Additional 10dB of full frequency, mid, or treble boost with Clean Boost engaged

  • Treble Boost Frequency: Shelf at about 1.5 kHz or 2 kHz switchable with internal DIP switches

  • Mid Boost Frequency: Peak around 800 Hz or 1.1kHz switchable with internal DIP switches

  • High impedance TS mono input

  • Low impedance TS mono output

  • 9V battery included, can also accept any standard 9V DC center negative power supply (20 mA current draw)

  • Strong and lightweight anodized orange aluminum chassis

  • Designed and built in the USA


All product info from the Strymon website