HornFX with Sean Jones

Chapter 1 of the first series of videos from HornFX. Aaron Janik sits down with world-renowned trumpeter, composer, and educator Sean Jones to explore the world of pedals for the first time. This episode discusses signal chain, amplification options, and general philosophies for the new pedal user.

In the second episode of HornFX with Sean Jones, Aaron and Sean discuss the differences between the three types of note-adding pedals and proceed to explore the BOSS PS-6 Harmonist and the Digitech Whammy DT, using them individually to highlight their key differences (pun intended) and using them creatively together to enhance the effectiveness of both. Sean also demonstrates other interesting settings on the Whammy DT.
(Techno beat Production credit - Chase Jackson)

In the third episode of HornFX with Sean Jones, Aaron and Sean discuss some of the most common and applicable effects: reverb and delay. Using the Strymon Blue Sky Reverb and the BOSS DD-7 Digital Delay, they explore a small range of sound possibilities and discuss some potential live performance applications of each pedal in varying settings.

In the fourth and final episode of this series, Aaron and Sean discuss and play through a variety of modulation pedals. They focus on Wah pedals, envelope filters, and phasers, exploring their differences and the various situations where they could be used. You will hear sounds from the Morley Maverick Wah, the Source Audio Stingray and the MXR Phase 90.