Xotic Robotalk 2

Known more for their high quality preamps, compressors, and drive pedals, Xotic has gone way off the beaten path with the Robotalk 2. The dual nature of this pedal is intriguing and can add some flash to the standard auto wah sounds we are all used to. If you can figure out its knobs and settings, this would be a nice pedal for anyone looking to get funky with an interesting and fun pedal.

External Control: None
Cost: $$

HornFX Review

Interface:  2/5
Once you come to understand the layout, the pedal becomes more easy to use. However, upon initial inspection, this pedal can be quite confusing. The controls do not function as intuitively as some other auto wah pedals.

Versatility: 3.5/5
This is essentially two pedals in one. That being the case, there are a diverse array of sounds that come come out of this box. You can find different sounds by having one half of the pedal on or the other, or by using both filters at the same time.

Clarity of Effect: 4/5
This pedal sounds wonderful. The filter speaks clearly and truly, and there is some fantastic sounding colors that you can find when using both filters at once.

Complexity: Medium

Complexity: Medium

Live application: 3.5/5
This pedal can give you a lot of sounds on stage. Since there are essentially two pedals in one, you can use each side as its own preset. You have a lot of options when engaging both filters at once, but they can be somewhat time consuming and difficult to change on the fly.

InterfaceVersatilityClarity of EffectLive ApplicationTotal Score

Product Information

  • Dimensions (W/D/H): 4.62" x 3.65" x 2.0" (117mm X 93mm X 50mm)

  • Weight: 0.9 lbs. (0.4kg)

  • Bypass: True Bypass Switching

  • Power Consumption: 9VDC/5mA

  • Battery Type: 9VDC (006P) x 1

  • Jacks: INPUT Jack, OUTPUT Jack,

  • Power: AC Adapter Jack (adaptor optional 9VDC/-Negative Center)

  • Input Impedance: 1M ohm (switchable 1M or 47K)

  • Output Impedance: 1k ohm

Product info from the Xotic website