Arnold Lee

Arnold Lee


Musician, saxophonist, composer, producer, bandleader of TONE. Arnold Lee is driven to inspire. His passion for music stems from exploring new boundaries and perfecting his craft. Making music he enjoys is a top priority for Lee, who loves the energy and stimulation of live performances that both captivate and excite. 

Born and raised in Brooklyn, Lee was surrounded by musical influences. He started playing the drums at the age of two then switched to saxophone at age seven.

Learning from his father, Bill Lee, a bassist, composer and legendary jazz musician, (Bob Dylan) (Cat Stevens) (Simon and Garfunkel) (Duke Ellington) (Odetta) and more, Arnold performed his first concert at the age of three. Home schooled by his parents, Susan and Bill, allowed Arnold to travel on tour with his father. Lee graduated from the Oberlin Conservatory of Music in 2009, where he decided to pursue his passion and become a professional musician. While at Oberlin Arnold studied with Gary Bartz, Billy Hart, Robin Eubanks, Dan Wall, Paul Samuels and Marcus Belgrave. After graduating Arnold joined Wallace Roney’s band for two and a half years. After releasing his first album, The Arnold Lee Quartet, in January 2012, he moved toward music that incorporates more electronica and rock. His interest in electronic music was influenced by guitarist/composer Rafiq Bhatia, a fellow graduate of Oberlin. Lee apprenticed with producer Yuri Beats, who taught him the fundamentals of music production. Continuing to expand and build his craft, he produced his first electronica track with Jules the Villain, titled "Crystal Waterfalls," March 2016 the first single from Lee's upcoming EP set to be released later this year. Arnold has toured extensively nationally and internationally.

Arnold has performed and/or recorded with Bill Lee, Frank Wess, Wallace Roney, Jeff "Tain" Watts, Iron Solomon, Kassa Overall, Tecla, Sullivan Fortner, Marcus Strickland, Spencer Murphy, Eden Ladin, Jason Brown, Tivon Pennicot, Meeko Isreal, EJ Strickland, Antoine Roney, Kate Ettinger, Alex Overington, Clifton Anderson, Orrin Evans, Stacy Dillard, Be Steadwell, Lawrence Clark, Luques Curtis, Zacai Curtis, Eric McPherson, Nasheet Waits, Duane Eubanks, Emanual Ruffler, Aruan Ortiz, Lenny White, UA, Rafiq Bhatia, Alex Ritz, Jack Hill, Ben Wolfe, Donald Edwards, Christopher Mees, Nina Moffitt, Jonathan Barber, Jules the Villain.

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Photo Credit: Gabriele Baldotto


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Pedal Reviews



I use the TC HELICON as the first pedal in the chain because it has a pre amp built into it which is very important when the sound source is coming from a horn using an XLR cable. The pre amp in the TC HELICON can boost the audio signal to your liking. The cable coming from the microphone is an XLR cable into the TC then a converter cable XLR to quarter inch out of the TC into your pedals, and then you can run quarter inch into everything else and then to the sound in the house. The TC has amazing reverb, harmonizer and all kind of effects.



I use the MALEKKO E616 as the second pedal in the chain running out of the TC HELICON VOICELIVEPLAY. The MALEKKO is amazing; you can create some really incredible sounds and change oscillation rate, the amount of delay mix you want with the sound source and many other amazing affects.


The important thing is to try out different mixtures of pedals to get what you like!"


"Example at 44 seconds to 1 minute and 30 seconds in video you can hear me using the delay on the TC with the decay turned up to 100 to keep the notes going and then I’m using the MALEKKO to alter the sounds and oscillation to create FX ."