JHS Morning Glory V4

JHS Morning Glory V4


As JHS’s most popular pedal, this beautiful looking piece of technology does a wonderful job with the idea of “transparent overdrive. With a rather large amount of tonal control and gain options, this stompbox can make a rather varied amount of drive sounds. You will be happy with its lack of mid range heaviness and even more pleased with the external remote option.

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HornFX Review

InterfaceVersatilityTonal ReproductionLive ApplicationTotal Score
Complexity: Medium

Complexity: Medium

Interface:  3/5
This pedal has a large amount of controls for a drive pedal. The two gain stages have their own individual sound, both of which are useful. Although the high cut switch on the side can be incredibly useful, it is hard to access, especially on a gig.

Versatility: 4/5
With its multiple gain stages, and nicely manipulable eq, this pedal is quite versatile in the overdrive world.

Tonal Reproduction: 4/5
Your tone can be excellently represented through this pedal. The tonal manipulation it allows can give you even more control and fine tuning of your tone if that is desired.

Live application: 3.5/5
The hi-cut switch both takes away from and adds to its live application. Its tonal effect can help with tone shaping and feedback control, but the fact that it is hard to flip can be a detriment. This pedal’s sounds are sweet and can add a lot to your effects rig. The addition of the external remote switch can give you even more live performance options.

This pedal requires standard 9V DC Negative power, consumes less than 100mA, and measures 2.2"x4.3"x1.5".

Product info from the JHS website.