Mad Professor Snow White

Mad Professor Snow White


Known for their high quality pedals, Mad Professor has produced a solid offering with their Snow White. Although the pedal is an auto wah, it is tuned like a traditional wah pedal, making the effect speak beautifully and clearly. Although you will not be dazzled by this pedal, it is definitely a quality way to pump out some funky lines. You will be happy if you desire a no-nonsense auto-wah machine.

External Control: None
Cost: $$

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HornFX Review

InterfaceVersatilityClarity of EffectLive ApplicationTotal Score
Complexity: Simple

Complexity: Simple

Interface:  3/5
This auto-wah is more on the simple side. It is easy to find a good setting, but not as manipulable as some may prefer. The decay knob is a quality feature

Versatility: 3.5/5
There are not many different sounds that this pedal can make. The filter itself remains constant, but its sweep and resonance can be changed to find subtly different sounds

Clarity of Effect: 4/5
The filter speaks quite nicely. Sometimes, there may be a slight overdriving of your tone at points in the peaking of the filter, but nothing to hinder its use.

Live application: 3.5/5
Without presets and without deeper controls, this may not be the first choice of someone looking to get a lot out of their envelope filter. This pedal is more attuned to the person that wants to just find one setting that works and turn it on when they want to use it.


  • SENSITIVITY: Sets the filter trigger level, tune this carefully to fit your guitar/bass output and your playing touch. You can further change the sensitivity from your guitar volume knob while playing.

  • BIAS: Controls the filter resonance frequency. When Sensitivity is turned fully off the Bias can be used as a sweepable filter.

  • RESONANCE: Controls the sharpness or Q-factor of the filter.

  • DECAY: Controls how fast the filter frequency falls back to resting point (that is set with the Bias control). This can be set fast (CW) so you get the wah effect on every note or slow for a more traditional auto wah sound.

  • PLAYING: Please take time to get used to the controls and as this is a voltage control filter it will react to your playing touch. The envelope control circuit is carefully designed to follow the dynamics of guitar/bass and it might take some time to master the Auto Wah playing techniques. Try also adjusting guitar volume between 8 and 10 to further expand use.

Electrical specifications

  • Supply voltage: 9VDC

  • Current consumption at 9VDC: 15mA

  • Input inpedance: 500K

  • Output impedance: 1K

  • Max input -20dBV

  • Complete bypass (true bypass)

Product info from the Mad Professor website